January 1, 2009

Who Sucks ???

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This is a List of Who Sucks:

Add some company, car dealer, doctor, dentist, contractor, Realtor, homeowner association (HOA), pedophile, criminal, neighbor, search engine, government agency, or politician. Hell you can even add a country, religion, political party, philosophy, etc. … you got the idea.
People have a right to know, WHO SUCKS.

Net neutrality is important – Defend it.
Defend your right to Blog, bitch, moan, complain, rant, rave, and in general speak out. This is America founded on Free Speech, which many are tying to take away.

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BLOG on, Blog often, but get of your lazy butt and Blog now!
Don’t Think about it, do it.
Humor is greatly encouraged.

Please keep your Blog entries short, and please NO profane or abusive language.