January 1, 2009

Who Sucks ???

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This is a List of Who Sucks:

Add some company, car dealer, doctor, dentist, contractor, Realtor, homeowner association (HOA), pedophile, criminal, neighbor, search engine, government agency, or politician. Hell you can even add a country, religion, political party, philosophy, etc. … you got the idea.
People have a right to know, WHO SUCKS.

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Defend your right to Blog, bitch, moan, complain, rant, rave, and in general speak out. This is America founded on Free Speech, which many are tying to take away.

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Anonymous said...

2008 sucked.

I sure hope 2009 is better!

leberal left agenda is now said...

20 days left of suck face George Bush.

ha,ha,ha said...

who cares -

who sucks ---

but if you do ......

Obama sucks!

Kris said...

just wanted to say thanks for following my blog. you are #50, that definitely does not suck.


Heff said...

Obama is GOING to suck.

Brooke said...

The Benagls suck.

israeli supporter said...

anything that spells, or relates to a muslim sucks

Liberal Democrat said...

Only a few days left for Bush...
he sucks, his followers suck ....
all republicans suck !!!!!!

nanc said...

nursing babies suck.

my eureka vacuum had better suck.

the wind had better blow rather than suck.

is this blog a serious attempt at blogging?

if so, it sucks too.

Sex Toy Types said...

Dick Cheney and Condi Rice suck more than George Bush, if that's even possible.

golf is for sissies said...

golf sucks.
golf never draws blood.
golf is for sissies.
golf eats up a lot of real estate.
screw golf and the idiots that play it.

The Daily Gun Picture said...

Banks suck !!

I hate all the fees the nonsense the inefficiency and the total disregard for their customers

Leon Basin said...

2009 sucks hope 2010 is better;)

go pittsburgh said...

The Cardinals Suck!

screw you anti american assholes said...

GoDaddy.com sucks.
Forget their stupid ass Super Bowl Ad, they are shit.
They cancelled by website and kept my money for my site and domain name registration because they didn't like the content.

all banks in the USA suck! said...

US Bank Sucks.

I go into cash a check, drawn on their bank, for $49.00 and they give me a rash of shit cause I don't have an account with them.

commoncents said...

Interesting post here - keep up the great work!

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they couldn't even get it installed said...

Direct TV sucks.

screw yahoo said...

Yahoo Mail Sucks.
I tried for over an hour today to register an email account, all I got was rejected for various reasons.

Bill Gates is an Idiot said...

Microsoft's New LIME.com email is worthless.

Just stay with Hotmail you morons.

nuff said...

COX Sucks....

Anonymous said...

just a reminder

HOA's suck !!!

yahoo kiss my nutt said...

I agree Yahoo Mail Sucks...
They ask you all kinds of worthless questions then have a damn idiot identity code which most people over 30 can't read.
I couldn't get an email account on Sunday either-
So I got one from myway.com in about 2 minutes.

new resident to arizona said...

I thought the HOA;s in California sucked, which they do, but the ones in Arizona are the worst.

Anonymous said...

Phoenix sucks!!!

Alternate 4 CraigsList said...

Anything Liberal Sucks !

Liars One and All said...

Cox Communications SUCKS

a user said...

Direct TV isn't any better, they also suck!

switched I did said...

Yea be glad you don't have Comcast in Tucson they allowed a hacker into the super bowl and we missed the last 30 seconds of the game.....

Comcast Sucks More

Brooke said...

Dish Network also sucks, BIG TIME.

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user said...

OMEGA AUTO GLASS in Phoenix / Mesa Arizona SUCKS!

Anonymous said...

ALL Liberals Suck !!!

Alternate 4 CraigsList said...

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The Reposter Guy said...

Obama Sucks, so does anyone who supports is lying Liberal Anti American Socialist agenda!

Anonymous said...

Real Estate, brokers and banks SUCK!

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Phx AZ said...

Maaco Sucks
they took my money and never did the work

there I said it.... said...

HOA's suck, people who run HOA's suck even more.

Heli gunner Tom said...

This is a great web site/ Blog !
Obama, Sen. Dod, and Barney Frank all SUCK !! Woo Woo!

Tom S
Vietnam Vet: 68-70

Adult Content Blog List said...

Hey I just joined your blog.

Obama sucks
Hoa's Suck

Anonymous said...

HOAs do suck... I want my freedoms.

Reformed Hooker said...

Pimps ; Con Artist ; Wall Street Banker ; bookies ; NYC Social Services ; Pedophiles ; Drug Pushers ; Addicts ; Drunks; most Cops ; and lets not forget - Politicians!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Hatchet Jack said...

Obama and his whole damn WH Team suck.

Jefferson Mulrooney said...

lets see whop sucks

more later

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Pissed Off Former Cricket Customer said...

Glad I found your Blog.
Let me start off by saying -
Cricket Cellphone Service Sucks.
I have no problem with the actual phone itself, but their billing department sucks wang from hell.
They cannot get the bill straight.
You pay them and they tell you your past due.
You then have to go to the local Cricket store and show them proof. Cricket fucks the bill up even more.
Management are complete idiots.
I left Cricket and will never come back and went to AT&T.

Fat People Beware said...

So I call these jackasses in Arizona :
The Lipoculture Center, aka Dr. William Hall website :
for some info on getting Liposuction done on my stomach.
Long story shortened the doctor says he doesn't do Lipo procedures on people with health problems.
Well idiot most of America has a health problems why do you think they are coming to your sorry ass.
Then this idiot doctor gets pissed off because I tell him his website should say healthy people only call.

You Suck.

Avoid these scam artist. People like this should not be allowed to have a medical license.

Anonymous said...

Saw your site through Google Blog Awards.

I would like to say:

Islam sucks. These people in NYC with their mosque of devil worship should be deported.

disappointed in corporate american retail said...

Started shopping around for a NEW TV, LCD, LED 50 inch. Went to usual places, Costco, WalMart, Best Buy, Sears - what the hell is it with these retailers they want to sell you a TV but to have it delivered and installed is 1 - 2 weeks.
You retailers better get a reality check, no one wants to wait for their fucking TV. I say if I buy it at best I better get it the next day.

I can buy one through amazon.com and get next day delivery and white glove service install. What's wrong with this picture?

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